Is ‘The Nevers’ Based on a Book

Is 'The Nevers' Based on a Book

The Nevers, a show on HBO, mashes together Victorian mores with science fiction elements after a mysterious event in London in 1896 endows hundreds of residents with extraordinary abilities.

The Nevers’ premise may be the hook for a steampunk novel, but the film isn’t based on any written work. Joss Whedon, who is famous for making shows like Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is responsible for the concept.

(After allegations of workplace harassment surfaced in connection with other projects, Whedon decided to step down from his roles on The Nevers. He issued a statement saying, “I am really fatigued, and am stepping aside to martial my focus towards my own life,” which served as his explanation for leaving.

Is 'The Nevers' Based on a Book

What happens when members of historically marginalized groups in Victorian society (women, people of color, etc.) acquire extraordinary abilities? That’s the question posed by The Nevers.

The term alludes to the general public’s perception of those who have been gifted with extraordinary superpowers. Now let’s find out is the Nevers Based on a book. 

Is ‘The Nevers’ Based on a Book?

The Nevers is surprising in that it is not adapted from a novel or series. Also, contrary to popular belief, it’s not based on a comic book. Joss Whedon is responsible for the show’s production, and it appears that television has always been his primary creative outlet.

He has worked on films like Justice League and The Avengers since Buffy, but he told Metro in May 2020 that his favorite episode of the series remains the one he worked on the most. His favorite episode of the series is “The Body,” in which Buffy discovers her mother dead in the living room. “It is fine with me.

It could be worse, you know.” Fans may have high hopes for the HBO adaptation because, like The Nevers, Buffy wasn’t based on a book but did inspire numerous comic book adaptations.

Joss Whedon Stepped Down From His Role on the Show

Despite Joss’s status as the show’s creator and, hence, its showrunner, he stepped out from the production after years of claims surfaced about the terrible work cultures he had fostered on several projects.

Justice League actor Ray Fisher made such an allegation when he expressed his dissatisfaction with working with Joss on Twitter. For example, Ray stated that “Joss Wheadon’s on-set behaviour of the cast and crew of Justice League was rude, abusive, unprofessional, and absolutely unacceptable” in July of that year.

Charisma Carpenter, a former cast member of both Buffy and Angel, spoke out in support of Ray in February 2021, revealing that she, too, has had a long history of interaction with Joss. Fans are curious to know is the Nevers Based on a book. 

Will there be a Season 2 of ‘The Nevers’?

Since the show is still relatively new at HBO, it is impossible to say whether or not it will be renewed for a second season once the creator has left.

The first season, however, is split in two halves; the remaining six episodes will be made available at a later date. That means there will be additional material for viewers after the first half of Season 1 concludes.

‘The Nevers’: Joss Whedon Plagiarizes Himself

According to James Baldwin, a writer’s job is to tell the same tale over and over again until the reader understands it. The Nevers, currently showing on HBO, is the same story Joss Whedon has been repeating since his WB days, but without a clear meaning.

Whedon virtually plagiarizes himself by fully representing elements from his three successful television series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and his most recent effort, Dollhouse.

Although Whedon did not write or direct every episode of HBO’s newest Sunday show, his influence is still felt throughout the series despite his departure from his roles as writer, director, executive producer, and showrunner. Whedon is credited with scripting five of the first six episodes and directing three of them.

HBO has announced it will release the rest of the first season at a later date. In November of 2020, Whedon announced his departure from the show, citing “the physical challenges of making such a massive program during a global pandemic.” Recently, he has also been accused of being a toxic and harassing coworker.


Is there a book that inspired The Nevers? Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) developed, wrote the pilot for, and directed three episodes of the new sci-fi drama, which will premiere on HBO Max on April 11.

HBO has been particularly successful in adapting the works of authors like George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones), Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies), Tom Perrotta (The Leftovers), and Matt Ruff (Lovecraft County) into critically acclaimed television series.

Having an audience is practically a sure thing when working with source material that already has a dedicated following, giving adaptations a leg up on the competition. Hope now you know is the Nevers Based on a book. 


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