Why Was Daybreak Season 2 Cancelled

Why Was Daybreak Season 2 Cancelled

The one-season Netflix original sitcom “Daybreak” was just canceled but fans are curious why was Daybreak season 2 cancelled.

On Monday, Aron Coliete, one of the show’s creators, broke the news on Twitter, writing “When we think about how much of this journey we won’t be able to share with you, no one else comes close to matching our level of sadness. And we’re extremely thankful for the opportunity to have gotten this far.”

The comic novel on which the post-apocalyptic comedy is based was released on the streaming site for the first time in October. Josh (Colin Ford) was a young man on a quest to find a girl in a “Mad Max”–style zombie wasteland.

Why Was Daybreak Season 2 Cancelled

“Daybreak” was neither universally adored nor universally panned by critics (72% on Rotten Tomatoes). Critics have been harsh, but shows like “Insatiable” and “13 Reasons Why” have nonetheless been renewed for more seasons despite their poor reception.

Here you will find out why was Daybreak season 2 cancelled. 

What is Daybreak Out About?

Daybreak, which was influenced by several different movies including Mad Max: Fury Road, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Handbook, and Zombieland. The series follows high school misfit Josh Wheeler, 17, as he searches for his missing girlfriend in a post-apocalyptic California overrun by Ghoulies (zombies).

Josh and his newfound gang of pals have to make it through high school, where cliques of jocks and cheerleaders still hold sway.

Netflix has Cancelled the Show

Although Daybreak premiered in October and left viewers on a massive cliffhanger, Netflix announced in December 2019 that the show had been cancelled. There was no official explanation for the cancellation, but low viewership is usually the reason Netflix cancels a show.

What Could Have Been the Story of Daybreak Season 2?

It felt like there were some conspiracies to Sam’s elevation to the throne in the finale, and it could have been intriguing to see what kind of rule she would have enforced during Daybreak Seasonso2 if it had ever happened.

Sam turned down Josh’s proposal of running away with him, therefore Season 2 of Daybreak might have been about him coming to terms with Sam and making amends for his past misdeeds in order to thrive in their new home.

Why Was Daybreak Season 2 Cancelled

Netflix has decided not to produce a second season. Released in 2019, the first season has already left viewers wondering what lies ahead for the show. There was initial speculation that the authorities are crafting a cover narrative.

When the show was on hiatus, the global pandemic was already causing shows to be canceled, leading some viewers to speculate that the disease was to blame. There is no stated explanation for the show’s discontinuation, however we suspect low ratings played a significant role.

The second season of Daybreak will be available on Netflix, the streaming service recently announced. The OTT service has canceled a large number of other shows in addition to the series. Stop speculating if you think there will be a new season of the show. Do not expect a second season of Daybreak any time soon, young man.

How Did Fans React to the News?

As soon as word of the show’s demise spread, viewers became enraged. The Netflix original series Daybreak is a fan favorite. A sizable audience eagerly awaited the return of the show for a subsequent season.

The fans had already begun working on the renewal at the time. There have been numerous online petitions and protests demanding that Netflix cancel Season 2, but neither appear to have had any effect.

Why There Should Be A Daybreak Season 2?

The query is straightforward, as is the solution. The eager audience deserves a new season. Fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming seaon to find out what twists and turns lie in store.

Moreover, from what we’ve covered so far, fans are speculating on possible outcomes and developing their own narratives. With their enthusiasm, I can’t imagine a better time to return for Season 2.

It’s also unfair that Netflix cut the next season short. Fans, though, are holding out hope that the show will be renewed for a second season.


Post-apocalyptic media is consistently fascinating and exciting. In the genre of post-apocalyptic television, there was this one exceptional show that fans really got behind. Indeed, you’ve found the perfect place if you loved the show “Daybreak” and are hoping to learn if the show will be renewed for a second season.

Considering that we’ll be talking about why there haven’t been any new episodes of the show since the first season aired, we need to establish why. In Daybreak, we learn the story of Josh Wheeler, a Canadian high school misfit of 17 years old on the hunt for his missing British girlfriend Sam Dean in a dystopian version of Glendale, California. Hope now you know why was Daybreak season 2 cancelled. 


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