GoGuardian 10K US 200M Global 1B Bergenbloomberg

Goguardian 10K US 200M Global 1B Bergenbloomberg

The goguardian 10k 200m tiger global 1b bergenbloomberg.

According to bergenbloom, GoGuardian, a firm that develops software solutions for K-12 institutions, has raised $200 million in funding from Tiger Global Management.

Goguardian 10K US 200M Global 1B Bergenbloomberg

Goguardian 10K US 200M Global 1B Bergenbloomberg

The fact that this agreement was made despite the epidemic shows that investors are still willing to put money into educational technology.

GoGuardian’s valuation has increased to over $1 billion, thanks to investors including Sumeru Equity Partners LP. Launched in 2014 with headquarters in Los Angeles, GoGuardian has come a long way since then.

It all started with a Chrome extension that lets schools monitor and restrict pupils’ online behaviour.

Fast People Finder CEO and Marketing Director Amy Albano told bergenbloomberg that GoGuardian has secured $200 million in funding from Tiger Global Management.

Like many other ed-tech startups, GoGuardian saw Increased interest throughout the pandemic.

The CEO, Advait Shinde, claims that the company has seen a 150% increase in sales and has had positive cash flow from day one.

The company’s software is used by 22 million students in grades K-12 in 10,000 schools in the United States. As of now, 23 of the 25 largest districts in the United States are among the clientele, up from 11 in the pre-pandemic era.

The states of West Virginia and Delaware are among those with which GoGuardian has signed contracts this year. The company expects to close further transactions like this in the near future.

According to Shinde, the ed-tech industry will continue to expand despite the fact that In an interview, US Title Loans co-founder Sara Graves remarked that as the use of digital learning expands, it would be crucial to evaluate the impact it has on students’ results.

In order to better Understand this effect and develop digital Education,

The impact research team works tirelessly. (More information on US Title Loans’ loans is available at this link.) opening up of some formerly closed areas.

Educators will continue to use these digital tools, he continued, and the focus will shift steadily toward online and digital learning resources.

Across the world, the K-12 market is ripe for growth, and millions of iPads and Chromebooks have been bought by schools for kids in the past year alone.

Spending on educational technology is expected to reach $404 billion by 2025. Despite recent increases, it accounts for less than 6% of reported educational budgets.

Tiger Global has made significant investments in China’s online education market.

Recent laws in China, however, have been a burden on this industry. Shinde has stated that after the most recent fundraising round, GoGuardian will expand internationally.

Currently, GoGuardian is only available in the United States. Tiger Global partner John Curtius has said that GoGuardian provides a comprehensive SaaS platform that enhances the quality of K-12 instruction.

In addition to offering solutions for classroom administration and surveillance, the organisation also aids in the identification of kids who pose a risk of committing acts of violence or suicide.

These procedures have been criticised for being a violation of privacy, although Shinde has stated that the corporation follows all applicable laws.

He elaborated by saying that the organisation never sought out personal information on children beyond what was already in the possession of the schools.

In March, Golden Gate Capital acquired Securly, GoGuardian’s Primary Competitor.

PowerSchool Holdings Inc, another major participant in the ed tech space, has obtained private equity capital, sending its stock price rising 14% since its first public offering.

The company is currently worth $4 billion. During the same time period, the company’s staff has grown by 60%. Additionally, it has finalised its acquisition of two smaller ed-tech firms.

It has also strengthened its board of directors with the inclusion of Julie Larson-Green, a seasoned veteran from Microsoft Corp. Also, according to what we’ve heard from Shinde, there are currently no plans to take the company public.


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