Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Take a look at the article for more raed about the Mens and Womens Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Korea Wins Men’s Team Sabre at Tokyo 2020:

A gold medal in men’s team sabre competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was won by Korea.

Today was the fifth day of Olympic fencing in Makuhari Messe Hall B in the Chiba prefecture of Tokyo, and nine men’s teams competed.

Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Korea, the defending Olympic and three-time world champion, defeated Italy 45-26 in the gold medal match. The final score was 45–40, giving Hungary the bronze medal against Germany.

According to Korean player Bongil Gu,

“we adopted a strategy of mixing attacking and defensive tactics to confuse our opponents” and ultimately lead to victory.

The other fencers on our squad were really motivated to win a medal, which set them apart from the competitors we faced at the last Olympics in London in 2012. We did not want to let down our fans and following, especially because our rating has risen so much from where it was in 2012.

Italy’s Olympic champion Aldo Montano has announced his retirement from the sport after the Tokyo 2020 Games. “I have had a very long career,” he remarked.

Since winning gold in Athens in 2004, my life has been full of great highs and lows, injuries, medals (including silver), and setbacks. Now that I’m 42, I’m proud of my accomplishments and pleased with the way things are going with my team.

As Tamas Decsi of Hungary put it,

“I am quite thrilled since before today I had won European and world medals and many others, but not an Olympic medal.” Therefore, it was crucial for me and my team.

When the Germans came back in the end, I was really anxious. However, I waited for the final touch and was relieved when Aron [Szilagyi] completed it.

The fact that everyone can see that the last fencer in a team match is not an easy position is testament to Aron’s prowess as a sabre fencer, and Hartung is also a very excellent fencer and we know him very well. I want to extend my congratulations to him and the Germans for a job well done.

Richard Huebers, a German player, said after their disappointing loss in the bronze-medal match, “It did not end the way we intended it to end; the Hungarian team started strong and we battled early on.”

Although closing the distance was a formidable challenge,

Max [Hartung] and I prevailed. We could not achieve the desired results in our fencing. Max’s record of 14-3 is incredible, considering he faced the Olympic winner from the previous year.

Korea won the gold medal in men’s team sabre, followed by Italy (silver), Hungary (bronze), Germany, Egypt, Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United States of America (USA), and Japan (ROC).

ROC Wins Women’s Team Sabre at Tokyo 2020:

The women’s sabre team from the Republic of China (ROC) won gold at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. On the eighth day of the Olympic fencing competition, held at Tokyo’s Makuhari Messe Hall B in the Chiba prefecture, nine women’s teams competed.

The gold medal match between ROC and France ended with a 45-41 victory for ROC. Korea beat Italy for third place with a score of 45–42. For Korea, this was their first Olympic medal in women’s team sabre.

Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

For the ROC’s Sofya Velikaya, tonight’s victory is her fifth Olympic medal and makes her the first woman to win gold in team sabre at the Olympics twice. Sofia Pozdniakova of the ROC won gold in the women’s individual and team sabre events in Tokyo.

Pozdniakova added, “All is achievable if you enjoy your profession, your training.” I was so ecstatic for my team that I completely forgot about my own competition, and now I have a medal for my country that I can proudly display: “It’s wonderful.”

For Velikaya, “today’s girls are the future of fencing, and it’s a new future.”

In today’s world, I think women can succeed if they back each other up, work together, and have faith in their own abilities.

Cecilia Berder, a French athlete, remarked, “Because you have the dream of your teammates, it’s more tough, more stressful.” However, the feeling of triumph is unparalleled. To this day, it remains my favourite childhood memory.

According to Korean player Jisu Yoon,

“our approach versus Italy was to assault more than merely guarding each other.” The plan for today was to take the offensive.

Although this was the first Olympic medal for a Korean women’s sabre team, we were inspired by the silver and gold medals earned by prior Korean teams.

We felt extra pressure since we wanted to win so badly to match Jiyeon Kim, who won an individual gold medal at London 2012.

Women’s team sabre final rankings: ROC (gold), France (silver), Korea (bronze), Italy (second), Japan (third), USA (fourth), China (third), Hungary (fifth), and Tunisia (fifth).


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