10 Best Movie4k Alternatives for Movie


Movies 4k had always been one of the best online streaming sites among various other streaming platforms. It always ensure a satisfactory experience to its users.

It had a huge library of top rated movies, TV shows, andmusic collections.But, recently  users have been facing a lot of issues in overall functioning of this website.

Unwanted ads, slow user experience, and a lot of buffering made the users to switch onto another platforms.However, due to its illegal existence, it caught an eye of the government and was banned in many parts of the world.

Whereas, it’s huge popularity led to birth of many new alternatives which operates to provide a similar experience as Movies 4k.

Also, there are many alternatives that came up with more new features to increase its user base and to offer an amazing streaming experience as online streaming is loved by huge movie buffs.

10 Best Movie4k Alternatives for Movie Streaming

Here is the list of some alternatives of Movies 4k that every movie lover must try once.

1. Cool Movie Zone

Phone movie zone is a similar website as movies 4k. It lets you stream and download free 4K movies in HD quality. The website has an amazing user interface designed to attract new users.

This streaming website is definitely recommended due to its amazing features availability. You can also edit videos, record the screen and also convert the formats of any files.

You can watch all genre of movies on cool movies own. It doesn’t matter on which device you are, it is easily compatible with Windows or Mac  devices

2. Tinkle Pad

Tinkle pad Is one of the best alternatives to download and stream movies for free. You can choose to watch any genre of movies on this site be it romance, trailer, comedy or action.

The content on Tinkle Pad is available in HD quality and it lets him screen I said free. Here, copyrighted content Is freely available to stream and to download at your ease.

You can easily find movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. Furthermore, the content is also available in Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi and many other languages. Hence, a tinkle pad is highly recommended to download And watch 4k  movies.

3. Filmy Anju

Filmy Anju Basically offers you with various Hindi movies. But it also does not lag behind to provide a vast collection of Hollywood movies.

This torrent search site mainly has an Indian user base. Hence, you get collection of all languages be it in Camille, Telugu, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Apart from movies and shows you can also stream Indian web series on Filmy Anju. Overall, the site is a must-visit for movie lovers.

The only downfall of the torrent search website is that the website is a bit unsafe to use. An open IP address may catch an eye of hackers. It is suggested to always use VPN in order to ensure your device’s safety.

4. Niter

Niter Is one of the well organised interface websites which offers you 1000 plus movies to stream and download. The movies are available in every genre from action, adventure comment drama to romance and comedy.

The ad-free feature is the most attractive one of this site. You won’t be interrupted by annoying ads while streaming. It has a super easy interface which makes it more attractive for beginners.

The quality offered is one of the important feature of any site. You can watch the videos in quality up to 1080P. It also have some unique features such as favorites, bookmarks, and many more.

5. Los Movies

Los movies Is one of the popular websites with highest user base, which solely provides every latest and top rated movie content for free.

It lets you transfer and share movies for free. You can stream Bollywood, Hollywood, documentaries, videos and short films on this site.

Furthermore, Los movies keep updating in order to provide all latest content. It also has a very easy interface which makes the content search easy, among such large collections.

The site is however banned in India but continues to operate in other areas. They keep changing its domain in order to keep working. A number of features available is the reason Los movies is still one of the best websites.

6. Watch Serieps TV

If you are looking for a platform that offers you the best audio and video quality, then Watch Series TV is a website you will love.

It lets you watch 1000 plus TV series on a single platform. Here, you can download to watch later or choose to stream online.

You get all type of content from old two classic and top-rated to the latest episodes of TV shows. The site is updated regularly so that the users get time to time reminder of fresh content availability.

7. Z Movies

Z Movies Another amazing site with a well-organised and simple interface. It had gathered a huge user base because of its smooth streaming experience.

It is very easy to search for unlimited movies in just a single clique. Also, it offers you every movie categorized under several genres in HD quality.

The most interesting feature of this online streaming site is its add free interface. You can enjoy swimming without any annoying pop ups or breaks. Hence, Z Movies is a highly recommended site.

8. Movies 2k

Movies 2k Has a wide range collection of movies, TV series, and animes under every genre. Can also watch music videos on this site.

It also lets you filter the content on the basis of popularity, the latest release, or ratings. It has a hassle-free interface. Hence, it is very easy to search among such a large collection of movies and TV shows.

Furthermore, the website is ad-free. No annoying pop-ups will interrupt your streaming. Just a single click And you get a link to download or to stream your requested content.

The content can be availed in 360 P, 720P to 1080P. You also have quick access to its web application. However, it is advised to use a VPN to protect your open connection while streaming Movies 2K.

9. Movies 4U

What’s better than a site that lets you browse safely? Movies 4U is one such website that offers you HD quality movies and TV show content for unlimited streaming.

There are no requirements for any registration or signups. Adding it also lets you differ among the content on the basis of ratings. The interface is super easy and clean.

Although, sometimes ads and pop ups may annoy you, but it is advised to use an ad breaker to get a smooth streaming experience. Overall the website is a must-visit for the best online entertainment.

10. Movies 25

Movies 25 Is a site for huge movie lovers. Here you have a 10,000 plus collection of all movies and TV shows under various categories of genre in HD quality.

You will love the sound effects the site provides you with. Currently, it has a user base of millions of people. Also, it lets you add your ratings and reviews under a specific movie.

Users can also download a particular movie by putting out a request on the site. Hence, if you are looking for a site to download free 4K movies than it is one of the site you must visit.


There are many more such alternatives that lets you download and watch 4K movies and TV shows for free. Most of the sites are very well compatible with mobile and PC devices.

However some of the sites are somewhat unsafe to use because the cause of their illegal existence. They also keep changing their domain names frequently in order to be safe from government eyes.

Hence, it is always advised to stay alert and use VPNs to protect your IP addresses.


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