Moulin Rouge Ice Skating Olympics 2022

Moulin Rouge Free Dance Ice Skating

The Canadian Ice Dance Team Cools Off and Takes the Top Spot. In spite of their busy schedules, two Canadian retirees managed to make it to the Olympics.

They’ve been together for 20 years, and their favourite anniversary activity is the ice dancing free dance (a part of the figure skating category).

Moulin Rouge Free Dance Ice Skating

Moulin Rouge Ice Skating Olympics 2022

Tessa Virtue, 28, and Scott Moir, 30, stepped out of retirement to compete in the Olympics for the last time. After losing out on gold in Sochi four years ago, these skaters are determined to make up for lost time. That is, as long as it’s done tastefully.

The two have fine-tuned a cost-free programme to music from the Moulin Rouge! film, which starred Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in 2001.

This is a love story set in Belle Epoque Paris between a struggling author and a stunning courtesan. There is raw passion alongside the intrigue, jealousy, and deceit. To emphasise their fervour, the participants originally performed a lift.

At the Canadian Championships last month, Virtue and Moir skated the dance. According to The Toronto Star, major news agency The Canadian Press considered it risqué enough to make them think twice about distributing photos.

Before Launching herself onto Moir’s front body,

Virtue twists and flips by dipping her leg underneath her upright body and then extending it at full speed. She lands with both of her legs on Moir’s shoulders. They swirl around with her straddling his head before she floats back down till her skates contact the ice.

Although it just lasts a few seconds, that’s too long for some people (despite much of the crowd erupting in standing applause).

As Virtue explained to The Toronto Star, “edgy” sums up the majority of the show and was the intended tone. “As we prepared to return to the ice at an Olympic Games, we realised that we would need a fresh look.

A Slightly Alternative Statement was what we were Going for.

If the goal was to give it a more modern vibe by adding edginess, sexuality, or gloom, then I suppose that was done.”

Despite their championship victory, Moir and Virtue opted to switch things up for the more conservative foreign Olympic crowds. According to The Toronto Star, not only has the lift been reduced, but the ending has also been changed to increase its dramatic impact.

“Of course, my character dies and that was the original ending we’d gone with, sort of stumbling to this tragic death,” Virtue said to the source. “Since our love story can now continue on for a little while longer, with more nuance, this feels a little bit more triumphant.

Although hopelessness and heartbreak are ultimately overcome, they are not eliminated. To something, we cling.”


To many, their loss to the American duo of Meryl Davis and Charlie White at the Sochi Games was devastating.

They told the Canadian publication Maclean’s that they were pleased with their efforts but had made the difficult decision to retire.

They have a friendly and close atmosphere between them. The length of their collaboration was worthy of a book’s treatment.


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