Mixed Doubles Curling Standings Olympics 2022

Mixed Doubles Curling Standings Olympics 2022

During the 2022 Winter Olympics, Great Britain triumphed in the mixed doubles curling event, establishing its dominance over China.

Team GB moved up to second place in the standings with a win in the mixed doubles curling match against China, led by Bruce Mouat and Jennifer Dodds.

Mixed Doubles Curling Standings Olympics 2022

With just the top four teams from qualifying moving on to the semi-finals and medal round, the results of Great Britain and Ireland’s final two games on Saturday morning were critical.

Mixed Doubles Curling Standings Olympics 2022

Dodd told the BBC afterward, “We know in mixed doubles you never give up because you can grab threes or even fours so easy.”

For their upcoming match, Great Britain will take on Norway, who are fifth in the standings after six games and are still in with a fighting chance of making the cut.

This is a Rematch of the world Championship Game that took Place in May.

Playing like we did in the second half will be crucial. I anticipate a thrilling match.

It was the British who got off to the strongest possible start, taking the early lead with a steal in the first end. However, the Chinese quickly rallied and went into the second end up 2-1.

Fan Suyuan used the hammer to his advantage, leaving two stones on the button to drive the British out of the house and give China a narrow victory.

In the third end, Great Britain had the hammer and were looking good after Mouat’s first throw hit the button, but China stole the point to increase their lead.

Dodds made an effort to break into a noisy Chinese home with his final throw, but all he did was knock over a single stone, much to the relief of the Chinese people.

Another tactical fourth end.

The British team was already behind 4-1 when Dodds with the hammer tried a wide curl line to find an opening through another packed house and spare themselves from further defeat.

After four ends, China had a 78% success rate, while Great Britain only managed 69%. After the break, Mouat and Dodds had a lot of work to do, but the match was far from finished.

Forcing them to use their power play, Great Britain scored three crucial points in the fifth end to tie the game.

For China’s penultimate throw of the end, SuYuan played a blinder, sacrificing her own stone and went full force to knock three British stones out of the house, minimising the damage, and guaranteeing their opponents only picked up three points out of a possible four and taking the lead.

After China used their power play, Great Britain quickly regained the lead thanks to a well-earned steal in the sixth end.

While China did manage to get one back in the seventh end, Team Great Britain still had the hammer heading into the eighth and final end, allowing them to cruise to an easy victory.

Mouat and Dodds made a remarkable comeback, with the final scores for both teams being identical to those of their opponents at halftime. The British team improved their accuracy to 78%, while the Chinese team’s decreased to 69%.

At the National Aquatics Centre, both the United States and the Czech Republic were competing; the latter won their match against the former by a score of 10-8, tying them for first place after seven matches. Both teams have a 3–4 record so far.

At the completion of the first end, American pair Vicky Persinger and Christopher Plys led 1-0. However, they were quickly overtaken and ended the game down by two points.

After the third end, the United States held a slim lead, but a four-point haul by the Czechs in the fourth ended that lead and ultimately decided the game.


The score was tied 7-7 after five ends, and the tension was ratcheted up in the sixth when both teams drew a blank.

While the United States of America grabbed a point in the seventh end, Zuzana Paulova and Tomas Paul came back in the final end to win by a score of 3-1 for the Czech Republic.


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