Mariafe Artacho Del Solar Artacho Del Solar/Clancy

Mariafe Artacho Del Solar Artacho Del Solar/Clancy

Portugal hosts the final stop of the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour, and it was won by Clancy and Artacho del Solar.

Mariafe Artacho Del Solar Artacho Del Solar/Clancy

On Sunday in Espinho, Portugal, during the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour Challenge competition at the Praia da Baia, silver medalists Taliqua Clancy and Mariafe Artacho del Solar had a familiar thrill by capturing gold.

Mariafe Artacho Del Solar Artacho Del Solar/Clancy

The Australians believe this triumph to be their first major victory as teammates, given it occurred in the same place as one they had four years earlier, in the first year of their collaboration on the World Tour.

The team who will represent their country at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, defeated Corinne Quiggle and Sarah Schermerhorn of the United States in a hard-fought three-set final (19-21, 21-19, 15-12) in Espinho this week.

After placing second in the Ku┼čadas Challenge in May and third at the Gstaad Elite16 just a week ago, Australia finally got their first win of the 2022 Beach Pro Tour with their triumph in Espinho.

Clancy and Artacho del Solar are presently rated fifth in the FIVB World Rankings after placing in the top 10 in each of the seven tournaments they have competed in so far this season.

Clancy expressed his gratitude, saying, “This is our second time in Espinho, and our second triumph in Espinho, so we’re incredibly thankful.”

Extremely difficult conditions, but I love playing on the beach. We are pleased with our performance against the Americans since they gave us a terrific workout.

It’s Fantastic to Win this week after Finishing third in Gstaad, she added.

The American duo jumped off to a 7-0 lead in the first set, putting the Australians in a disadvantaged position. Even though the score was tied at 18, the Americans kept pushing and eventually won the set 21-19.

But Clancy and Artacho del Solar came out strong in the second set, and they eventually won 21-19, despite a spirited challenge from the Americans.

The Australians took their winning form into the deciding set and swiftly pulled ahead of their American rivals. Clancy struck a shot right down into the American court, resulting in a 15-12 victory for the Australians.

Every time we come here, it is with the intention of winning. Since this would be the first time Artacho del Solar’s squad faced off against the United States, they were prepared to give it their all.

It was a challenging game, but we’re thrilled to have come out on top. As a group, we displayed guts and determination, and I couldn’t be happier.

The group “had its ups and downs during the week, but we kept together and that’s how we made it,” she said.


When the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour finally makes its way to Africa for four days of action in Agadir, Morocco, next week, it will feature another Challenge tournament.

Australians will be competing in their last Beach Pro Tour tournament before heading to Birmingham, England for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.


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