Top 10 MangaStream Alternatives For You


MangaStream Is a famous comic based website which lets you read various Japanese comics without paying for it.

MangaStream has been in existence from almost a decade with the determination of providing high quality comic content.

Unlike American comics like DC or Marvel, it offers comics mainly based on anime’s which are categorised under different genre.

MangaStream Was one of the favourite places of comic lovers worldwide to read authentic classic series and latest manga’s.

But, MangaStream is no more oficially accessible as it was taken down almost after 10 years of its release. The main reason for the shutdown was never exposed.

However, it was heard from the sources that MangaStream decided to stop their services in order to help grow the legal sources such as MangaPlus and MangaTown.

Since manga had a huge popularity and a large number of visitors, many comic lovers were upset when the site was taken down. Hence, many new replacements came in existence.

Top 10 MangaStream Alternatives

Here’s a list of some of the manga stream alternatives every manga lover should try once.

1.  MangaTown

MangaTown Comes first in the list as it is one of the best manga comic website. The website has a wide collection of manga comics available for every comic lovers.

It has an attractive interface with a modern look. It lets you search through content on the basis of A to Z names, rating and reviews.

Also the website offers you top rated content from sci fi, drama to action and thriller. You can also allow notifications for any new releases.

One of the most amazing feature of this website is that you can download the content and save it for offline reading  as per your wish.

2. TenManga

TenManga Offers its users with one of the hottest contents all over the world. This site offers a wide range of classic comic lineups. There is also a search option where you can effortlessly find a specific manga just by its first title letter.

The interface is super fast Which makes the users to visit the site frequently. It offers every genre manga to maximise your reading experience.

Some popular genre includes action comedy, school life and lots more. The site is well compatible with PC, Android or iOS devices.

The content is regularly updated in order to offer all kinds of top rated and latest of manga to its users.

Also reading comics with high-quality imageries are loved by every comic lover. Hence, comic lovers must visit this site once.

3. MangaPark

MangaPark Is one of the popular website to read manga online. It has recorded more than 3Million downloads. It has a huge popularity because of the services it provides.

You can find every legendary masterpieces on MangaPark for free. This application lets you purchase in-app coins to open access to various other features. Here, episodes are updated weekly to provide your latest content.

One can also connect to other readers and comment their thoughts on the site in order to communicate with other comic lovers. The site also offers a tutorial to use the site effortlessly.

4. MangaPanda

MangaPanda Is a famous website filled with various manga comics which are really intriguing . You can reach whole world of manga comics in this single application.

It has a plethora of amazing manga comics with an excellent quality. You get all sort of comics and animes categorised under various genre. The interface is pretty cool as there is not so much stop on the same page.

Apart from this it has a surprise me option that lets you search through hundreds of comics easily whenever you are confused about which one to read.

5. Today

MangaStream.Today Stand out to provide great quality manga comics for free. It has been ruling the comic world for almost a decade. You get all stuff related to Japanese comics and animes on the site.

It has various separate sections for each genre. It also offers a well segregated segment under popular, latest and top rated manga comics. You can also read reviews and comments under the comic.

It has a unique feature that lets you bookmark your favourite manga, so as to make it easy for users to search for it next time they log in the website.

It is well compatible with PCs and mobile devices. Although , there’s been complaints of frequent ads popping up.

6. MangaReborn

MangaReborn Comes with a large collection of manga comics to read. You can read comics here without even paying a penny full stone the interface is pretty cool and straight forward. One can easily  navigate the site and search for their required content.

The website has a white maroon theme which gives the site a funky look. It also has a separate segment for news regarding content, so as to keep their users updated with world.

What keeps the visitors engaged in site is its ad free interface. The manga community on the site is very large. Various other comic lovers can interact and communicate similar thoughts about the same interests.

7. MangaEden

MangaEden Is one of the well known sites for free manga comic content. It is a free site, however, it  asks to Register yourself on the site. You can access the website in two languages, Italian and English.

It has a straight forward and easy to navigate interface. You can easily access the site. Also, the content is updated regularly. There are no ad poping ups which interrupts your reading sessions.

The downfall of the site is that it does not support a large collection of various genres. There are also no image download feature on the site, which makes the site less attractive and boring. Furthermore, there are no resume reading option on the site.

8. MangaKakalot

MangaKakalot Is an amazing site for comic lovers. It is a super easy to navigate site. The homepage is super attractive with a multi colour theme.

You get all genre of manga comics on the site. There is a search option through which it lets you search for comic with just its title keyword.

There are no problems with ads popping up. It provides you a smooth reading experience as it is a speedy website. The site is updated regularly to provide you with the latest episodes. Over years  the site is earning huge popularity among comic lovers from worldwide.

9. MangaGo

MangaGo Is one of the best alternatives to MangaStream. Like MangaStream It has got a large collection of comics. User can access the site easily.

It offers you latest and top rated content at a single place. The site also has its own beta version which consists of unique features.The interface is super friendly and easy.

There are no ads popping up in between the reading sessions. The site also offers database for every age group. It can be accessed on PCs as well as mobile devices. Hence, MangaGo is recommended to every comic lover.

10. VizMedia

VizMedia Is a great application for reading manga comics. The platform lets you read among 1000 plus comics. You get whole world of comics at a single place.

There are no subscriptions required on iOS and Android devices, but if you access the site from a PC device, you will need to buy a subscription.

This site is also popular as library app among manga and comic lovers. The interface is really attractive. You also get a separate community option where users can interact with other comic lovers on the site.

The users can search for manga comics just by filling the keyword of the title in the search bar.


These were the top ten sites which are a best alternative to MangaStream. However, there are millions of sites that offers you free manga comic reading.

Shutdown of MangaStream made the emergence of these alternatives easy. The world of manga is enormous and these sites are loved by comic lovers all across the world.

Mangas are now one of the most lovable form of art all over the world. Hence, it is also important to know where you can read them safely. Users enjoy reading on legal sites. Therefore, it is always advised to read manga comics online on legal and safe sites.


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