Kyrie Irving Makes Orlando Magic’s Bad Day Worse

Kyrie Irving Makes Orlando Magic’s Bad Day Worse

A competent offensive will always triumph over a competent defense. To stop a guard who can double-clutch a layup over a big man or spin off a defender and sink a fadeaway shot, defenders need to come up with some creative strategies.

That doesn’t seem like it would be really useful for anything. Everyone can only watch in awe as a guy like Kyrie Irving pulls up every shot imaginable and finishes over and around any form of defense the team throws at him.

Even yet, that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow a 60-point performance from Irving or any other player. Like Joel Embiid’s 50-point outburst a month ago, that will stick in the Magic’s craw as a reminder of how far the club still has to go and how much work needs to be done. Everyone’s mouths dropped to the floor in shock.

Kyrie Irving Makes Orlando Magic’s Bad Day Worse

There are moments when giving up seems like the only option. Similar to their recent loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, this might be a huge setback for a club working to solidify its defensive identity.

Even though Orlando’s defense has gotten better, this shows that it is still vulnerable. Here you will find out the information about Kyrie Irving makes Orlando magics bad day worse. 

The Celtics Lost Another Game They Should’ve Won and Kyrie Irving was Pissed

The Boston Celtics seemed to be making progress, but now they’re back to being their usual befuddling selves. After two losses in Florida (against Miami on Thursday and Orlando on Saturday), players and coaches were seen arguing with each other and the opposing team.

Both Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown downplayed their involvement in the bench brawl that was caught on camera in Miami. Then Kyrie Irving joined in the fun in Orlando. Despite his team’s victory, Irving was not pleased with how the Celtics finished the game.

After the unsuccessful last play and Boston’s 105-103 loss, he got into an argument with head coach Brad Stevens and refused to leave the court.

What Happened on the Play?

With less than three seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, the Celtics had possession of the ball on the sideline. Al Horford, Jayson Tatum, and Marcus Morris were on the court while Gordon Hayward was inbounding the ball from the defensive end. As Tatum dribbled into the corner, Hayward passed the ball to him.

He attempted a jumper from the middle of the court as time was running down, but it was unsuccessful, and the Magic, whom they should have beaten easily, came away with a victory.

After Hayward delivered the ball to Tatum, Irving threw his arms in the air and proceeded to yell at his teammates. “Why wouldn’t you throw it to Al?” Irving appears to ask Hayward.

Stevens commented after the game that the play could have gone a few different ways. There was also the possibility of Tatum. Another would have been Irving, who, like Isaiah Thomas in this 2016 game-winner against Toronto, would have come off a dribble handoff from Horford coming from the backcourt.

Irving Struggles Badly as Nets Collapse 

Following the Nets’ 99-108 loss to the Chicago Bulls, a chaotic day for Brooklyn culminated with the team’s parting ways with coach Steve Nash and a 2-6 record. Kyrie Irving had a poor game.

On Wednesday (all timings AEDT), Irving had a dismal performance, going scoreless through the first three quarters and finishing with four points on 2-of-12 shooting from the field, six rebounds, and seven assists in 32 minutes of action.

The other Nets were so good that the star guard, who is averaging 30 points per game this season, didn’t even stay out for the entire first half. You may attribute that entirely to stress.

After the first half, NBA icon Charles Barkley noted on NBA TNT that the stress of playing the game can negatively impact a player’s performance. You know they’re talking about you because he’s not being aggressive, and everyone’s eyes are on you.

The Bulls beat the Nets 31-19 in the fourth quarter, led by Zach LaVine’s 20 points. Ben Simmons missed his second consecutive game with a knee injury, but Kevin Durant led Brooklyn with 32 points, while Royce O’Neale tied a career high with 20.


The mood was bleak as the Nets entered the fourth quarter down 19 points after playing poorly for the first three quarters. Ugly. And then, with 7:32 left on the clock, Brooklyn went on a 16-1 scoring run behind Kyrie Irving (who finished with 43 points, six rebounds, and four assists) to cut the deficit to four.

When the Nets continued to miss open 3-pointers and struggle from the field when it counted most, the Magic regained their footing and pulled away for a 121-113 victory. Hope now you know everything about Kyrie Irving makes Orlando magics bad day worse. 


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