Its about Results American Emma Coburn Disappointed after bad Race

Its about Results American Emma Coburn Disappointed after bad Race

No consolation for Coburn after a disappointing race because “it’s about outcomes.”

Its about Results American Emma Coburn Disappointed after bad Race

A common theme of these Olympics has been the emphasis on the process rather than the end result.

That’s not how Emma Coburn ended up being Famous.

Its about Results American Emma Coburn Disappointed after bad Race

After dominating the steeplechase for the United States for the better part of a decade, the country’s undisputed best steeplechaser, Courtney Frerichs, completely imploded in the final on Wednesday.

Coburn finished the race in 14th place, but she was later disqualified because of a last-lap stumble over the barrier that caused her to leave the track.

“It stinks to stink on the biggest platform,” Coburn added.

It was Equally Incomprehensible and Intolerable to her.

She has spent the last decade honing a skill that used to be irrelevant to Americans abroad but is now crucial.

Coburn has recently been successful at international competitions, taking home medals of bronze at the Olympics and gold and silver at the world championships. In the recent decade, she has won the U.S. title nine times.

She went to Tokyo anticipating, rather than hoping, to win a medal.

That there are those who might be willing to give her a break is Something she is aware of.

The trip, the pressure, the yearlong delay imposed by COVID-19, to say nothing of the searing pressure that comes with enormous expectations, are all acceptable reasons to focus more on the journey than the result, as has been shown time and time again on the Olympic stage.

Coburn, however, was having none of it as she stood there gum-chewing, palm on hip, trying to deal with her disappointment.

She emphatically denied that the steeplechase had any bearing on who she was. Still, that’s how she makes a life.

She referred to us as “Professional Athletes,” Establishing the Point.

Obviously, everyone has different life experiences. As for me, though, it’s all about the outcomes for myself and those around me. Everyone in my life, from my teammates to my husband to my sponsors to my friends, provides me absolutely what I need to succeed.

Therefore, we will take pride in the trip itself. But when you’re bad, that’s not part of the trip.

Coburn’s inability to predict the event is likely the source of the most frustration for her. While she was warming up and going through qualifying, she did feel some little aches and pains, but she claimed that they were nothing she hadn’t felt previously.

She added, “I walked on that starting line thinking I was heading home with an Olympic medal.”

Unfortunately, this race did not Proceed as Planned From almost the Beginning.

The fact that the field was separated early on didn’t help matters, especially for Coburn, who was stuck in a second group behind Frerichs and watching as he opened up a huge lead.

Uganda’s first Olympic gold medalist, Peruth Chemutai, caught up to the American in the final lap and overtook her.

There Ended up being two Female Contenders. Coburn has Nothing to do with it.

I should have been perfect today,” she said. “It was on me to do well. Nor was I. And I really don’t think we could have done anything differently today to make things less disastrous. Which is very disappointing.

Coburn noted that completing the final two laps, when her body felt in a manner it hadn’t in years, felt like the smallest of accomplishments. There are others who would consider it an accomplishment to have made it through that pain.

Coburn had just finished her most dismal race ever and was struggling to find any silver linings. Like everyone else, she was unable to pin down an explanation for this.

She Commented on the “Heartbreaking” Nature of Injuries.

“And clearly, there is a rise in mental health concerns. Although my 20 closest friends and family members have been supporting me for the past five years, it is not because they want me to come here, be physically extremely prepared, and suffer like I did.

I just don’t have that kind of skill. Better performance is something I’m aware I need to work on.


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