Hideki Matsuyama Japan is First Asianborn

Hideki Matsuyama Japan is First Asianborn

After the 29-year-old made history by becoming the first Japanese man to win a major golf event, the term “Matsuyama Masters” trended on Twitter.

His final round 73 put him at 10-under par, giving him a one-stroke victory in Japan, where the results were announced early on Monday morning.

Matsuyama Sink the Final Putt and Win the Coveted Green Jacket

Hideki Matsuyama Japan is First Asianborn

Seeing Matsuyama sink the final putt and win the coveted green jacket at the Masters brought tears to the eyes of broadcasters and analysts in Japan.

“Congratulations. I appreciate it “Two golf commentators next to him were fighting back tears when the host said.

The result was announced in quick news updates on television networks, and some newspapers carried special issues commemorating the win.

Twitter was inundated with messages of congratulations for the country’s new athletic hero. “I’m crying so hard I can’t see,” one supporter wrote.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Told

Yoshihide Suga, the Prime Minister of Japan, told reporters the show was “very great.”

He said it helped lift spirits across Japan while the effects of the coronavirus were still being felt. “That’s quite an accomplishment.”

One middle-aged man stated, “It’s excellent news that will cheer everyone.”

“I hope this wonderful feat by such a young man will inspire hope for everyone,” he continued.

After Yang Yong-eun of South Korea won the PGA Championship in 2009, Matsuyama became only the second Asian man to win a golf major, taking home $2.07 million for his efforts.

WGC Akron Tournament

With a 25th-place ranking and no victory since the 2017 WGC Akron tournament, he triumphed at Augusta National by remaining calm under intense pressure.

Women from Japan have already won the LPGA Championship (1977’s Chako Higuchi) and the Women’s British Open (2019’s Hinako Shibuno).

For Japanese men, Isao Aoki’s runner-up finish in the 1980 US Open and Matsuyama’s joint-second place finish at the 2017 US Open were previously the best results at their respective majors.

Final Words

The victory of the hometown hero was a welcome dose of good news for one Matsuyama city citizen. “I’m really delighted to hear it, as we haven’t heard much good news lately,” the young lady said.

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