Has Squash Ever Been an Olympic Sport

Has Squash Ever Been an Olympic Sport

The History of Squash’s Failed Olympic Bids, Including Tokyo 2020. The International Olympic Committee evaluated the 26 sports in the London Games to ensure that the Olympic Games continue to attract sports fans of all ages and from all over the world.

Wrestling was removed as a competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in February 2013, making room for golf and rugby sevens. There was room for one more sport to be considered for Tokyo 2020, as the quota was set at 28.

The Tokyo 2020 organising committee stated that a sport must meet many criteria in order to be considered for inclusion. These include youth interest, uniqueness, media and public interest, gender equality, and reduced complexity, infrastructure, and operating expenses.

Has Squash Ever Been an Olympic Sport

Wrestling was voted back in with twice as many votes as baseball/softball and squash, two of the eight sports being considered for the final position.

Voters were swayed by the fact that wrestling had been included in the original schedule for the contemporary Olympic Games and could trace its roots back to the ancient Olympic Games.

Squash had tried unsuccessfully twice before to get recognised. Since squash is often seen as a uniquely British sport, the bid’s failure to secure London 2012 was a major setback.

It failed to get the necessary two-thirds vote back then. As a part of it’s Rio Olympic ambition, World Squash Federation (WSF) had come out with this stunning video as well.

The World Squash Federation (WSF) made a concerted effort to highlight the sport’s global popularity, highlighting the fact that squash is no longer an elite sport and that the Olympics will serve as the sport’s ultimate showcase.

One of the main reasons it did not make it to Rio 2016 was the sport’s minuscule representation in South America.

Efforts to Get Squash Into the Paris 2024 Olympics

The World Squash Federation (WSF) hoped to attract attention to the sport in the lead-up to the Paris 2024 Olympics by highlighting two champion French squash players: Camille Serme and Gregory Gaultier.

The presentation focused on how the glass courts may be situated in recognisable areas to showcase the host city and provide an immersive viewing experience.

The stadium could accommodate 5,000 spectators in an area of less than 6,000 square metres, and the courts could be created within 25 hours and dismantled in even less time, both of which were additional benefits. The sport’s gender-neutral nature and its vastly enhanced media and television coverage were also highlighted.

Unfortunately, squash’s never-ending rejections continued when the sport was left out of Paris 2024.

The Future of Squash

With squash’s repeated rejection as an Olympic sport, obtaining sufficient funding from national sporting organisations remains a major obstacle for federations around the world (incidentally this is where the world pickleball organisations could take cue too if they want pickleball to soon be included in the Olympics).

If they had made it into the Olympics, it would have been a huge boost for the sport, both monetarily and in terms of interest and participation.

Squash has made significant strides toward innovation, youth engagement, environmentally sustainable practises, and equality, but there are still several problems that consistently stymie its efforts.

The sport is still viewed under a “Members Only” filter.

Whether or not Brake Dancing is a “sport” is debatable; nonetheless, the inclusive character of the activity makes it accessible to individuals of all ages and backgrounds with a minimum of equipment and space requirements.

Solution for Squash in the 2028 Olympics

In addition to surfing, skateboarding, and sport climbing, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in February 2022 authorised these events for the 2028 games.

IOC President Thomas Bach stated that the inclusion of these sports was due to their popularity among young people, as well as their proximity to the 2028 games’ locations in Los Angeles and California.

Unless anything unexpected happens, this may mean that squash will be left out of the Olympics once again.

Conclusions on Squash

Squash is often voted as one of the best sports for your health. As a result, it prevents a whole new group of people from discovering this spectacular sport.

While time is running out to qualify for Paris 2024, the World Squash Federation and national governing bodies like the United States Squash Association should spare no effort in their pursuit of qualification for Los Angeles 2028.


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