Does Tiger Woods have an Olympic Medal

Does Tiger Woods have an Olympic Medal

Achieving the ultimate goal of winning an Olympic gold medal is no small task. Tiger Woods plans to compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Does Tiger Woods have an Olympic Medal

Tiger Woods is aiming for the 2020 Olympics because he knows he may not get many more opportunities to add to his already impressive collection of medals.

Does Tiger Woods have an Olympic Medal

Two months after capping his recovery from injury with a win at the Masters, the 43-year-old former world number one is seeking a 16th major in this week’s US Open at Pebble Beach.

However, Woods admitted on Tuesday that he is eager to compete for Olympic medals in Tokyo 2020, when golf will be included for the first time since its successful return in 2016.

Winning an Olympic Gold Medal “would be a hell of a feat,” Woods Remarked.

“Let me preface this with a caveat. My dream is to compete in the Olympics for the United States.

Woods was suffering from back ailments at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and was never in the running for a spot on the American golf team.

There will be a cap of four golfers per country in the 2020 Olympics, and qualifying will be based on the golfers’ positions in the world rankings. The men’s tournament features 60 competitors.

Woods, as the third-highest ranked American player, would qualify for one of the four berths for the United States based on current rankings.

Woods has had three back operations, and as a result, he has to carefully monitor his health and playing load. He has claimed that Tokyo may be his best realistic chance of competing in an Olympics. By the time the Olympics are held in Paris in 2024, he will be 48 years old.

How many more chances will I get?” Woods asked.

I will be 48 years old the next time we meet. There aren’t many opportunities for me to compete for the United States in the Olympics. Therefore, it would be a great privilege if I could represent the United States.


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