Chris Mazdzer Dancing with the Stars

Chris Mazdzer Dancing with the Stars

Despite his recent injury, Dancing With the Stars: Athletes semi-finalist Chris Mazdzer is prepared to give it his best.

Chris Mazdzer Dancing with the Stars

In this special all-athlete season of “Dancing With the Stars,” the 29-year-old Olympic luger is competing alongside Witney Carson for the chance to win the show’s Mirrorball trophy.

However, he hurt his foot on Thursday, which may hinder his play on Monday.

Chris Mazdzer Dancing with the Stars

Last night I did make a minor gaffe.

As I was lowering the table onto the stage, its leg slid out, so I widened my stance and placed it squarely onto my foot “During Friday night’s Dancing with the Stars rehearsals, Mazdzer said to ET. In other words, “the object fell right on my foot.”

That his foot wasn’t broken is a huge blessing,” Carson said. “It’s extremely banged up, though, so we’ll need to rest for a few days—time we don’t have. Wow, that’s a scary thought.”

After going to urgent care and having X-rays taken, Mazdzer was relieved to learn that his foot was not broken but rather had “plenty of swelling and bruises.” The silver medalist from the 2018 Olympics does, however, remember the agonising pain and sheer terror that followed his mishap.

I limped over to a nearby couch and iced it on my own.

I went to the emergency room quickly, but I didn’t want anyone to know about it. Awful things happened, “He thought back on it. It got to the point where I thought, “This is horrible,” and “I’m not someone who takes a lot of meds; I don’t like coming to hospitals.”

Although it “I stubbed my toe and it really aches, but there’s no time to rest, as Mazdzer put it. We’ll need to work up a system for practising and mastering that second dance.”

The question now is what this portends for their performance on Monday’s show. When doing the foxtrot together, will the couple have to make any adjustments?

Currently, Carson, 24, does not know the full degree of the ailment because “this is actually our first rehearsal with the injury.”

“It’s encouraging to see him walking around, but I’m worried about how he’ll do once we start dancing. Now that Friday has arrived, perhaps we can go in and assess what has to be altered. I may need to make some adjustments. What happens next, time will tell. I really hope not.”

Moving laterally hasn’t been too terrible,” said Mazdzer, “but I know pointing my foot, having weight on top, that’s been aggravating it a little bit.” Carson lamented that those were the required foxtrot steps in detail.

Monday’s quadruple elimination will be difficult for the remaining DWTS participants no matter their physical condition. Meanwhile, the Olympian will grit his teeth and take care of business on his own.

Just get to a higher altitude, get some ice, rest, and avoid walking around.

I’ve spent the majority of today in bed “In his emphasis, he emphasised. “Keeping on top of things, maintaining a healthy diet and water intake, and allowing your body plenty time to recover are the real keys to success.

It doesn’t matter what happens, we’ll be giving it our all on Monday. Yes, I’ll fake a grin for you. As athletes, we can do this. Unfortunately, injuries are common and must be accepted as part of life.”


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