A. Albicy Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Albicy Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Andrew Albicy, captain of the Blues and of the Spanish club Gran Canaria, expresses his disappointment after the team’s loss to France in the Euro final.

How has everyone felt since the conclusion?

For Andrew Albicy: As of Monday morning, it has not stopped. Today is not Sunday night, when we had no desire to have a party. Considering how well we performed, we were a little disappointed. It surpasses all else.

A. Albicy Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

We could have reacted differently if we had fought, if we’d realised they were superior to us. However, we now realise that we were unprepared for this gathering. The way you act is very irritating.

We get the Impression that it took the French squad at least twenty-five minutes into the final to start Playing Aggressively and making an effect.

Yes, you are quite correct in saying so. When we began to press them aggressively, defend at really high levels, and play tough defence, we could tell that they were struggling.

Then, after we gave them a tonne of encouragement in the opening frame, they got so cocky that they injured us with reckless shots and ill-fated runs that sent us scrambling for the lifeboats. At the end of the game, we were trailing them. Certainly not simple…

They’re a seasoned squad that gave us a lot of trouble, both offensively and defensively.

Maybe it would help you keep things in Perspective and Enjoy this Adventure a little more if you Remind Yourself that 22 teams did worse than you.

Not now, and I doubt it will be enough in the future, either. Looking back, we placed third at the 2019 World Cup and second at the 2016 Olympics.

The rationale, of course, was to finish first in Europe. It’s disheartening because we had gold in mind, despite the fact that we started the event with relatively little fanfare.

We made some progress, which isn’t utterly meaningless but is nonetheless frustrating.

This French team has a bright future ahead of it, thanks to the Summer’s Revelations (Yabusele, Tarpey) and the future Ghosts (Batum, De Colo).

The outcome is certain. Our team has been together for four years, and over that time, they’ve become highly efficient and effective, and we’ve even brought on board some new members who have only boosted their effectiveness.

In the years to come, I anticipate this happening once again. If we maintain this attitude, we will forever be at the pinnacle of the global rankings.

In order to proceed, we must now achieve our goal of gold. It’s so annoying because we’re so close yet still so far away…

We believe success lies in adjusting a few key factors and can be achieved. But each year brings more progress. This summer we lost two executive positions, but we were able to fill them as best we could. Still, we emerged victorious, so that’s nice.

What did you think of the Euro, Considering you only got back to the team a few days before it Started because of an injury?

In terms of my health, I felt great. It has more to do with the dynamics of the group of guys, and there are some routines that should be adopted.

Since then, I’ve invested as much effort as I could muster into playing my part, as I always have and always will.

Because of two quick fouls in the championship game, you struggled.

(he makes a loud noise) And another made-up flaw. All right with the first one, but the second one… When the referee finally slapped it on me, I was shocked (smile).

Later on, it’s the match’s setting that dictates how you should adjust. I’ll always put forth as much effort as I can for the Blues. Being present, appreciating, and relishing these times is a joy.

Although I have never won a championship with a club, representing my country at the highest level has always been a source of pride.

When you Finally get back to Spain, how will things be at your Club?

Tomorrow, I shall return (Tuesday). If anyone from the Spanish national team were a part of my team, I would be very unlucky (smile).

A fight, I’m sure, would have broken out had it not been for that happy coincidence! I jest, but it would have been annoying since they undoubtedly would have bragged about it.

True, but that’s the nature of the competition. I promise you that if I’d won gold, I would have been the first to show up to practise wearing my France jersey (smile).

Any and everyone are free to use it. They got the big game that they’d been hoping for.


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